Has anyone heard the new track from the artist Bruno Mars titled ‘Grenade’? It’s a very catching tune that invites to be listened to again and again. The song is about how the woman he loves does not feel the same way as he does about her. After watching the video clip to the song to the end, I must say I find it a bit morbid. If you watch the video till the end, you will understand what I am taking about. Second, he keeps singing throughout the track, how he’d catch a grenade for her; throw his hand on a blade for her; he’d jump in front of a train for her and how he’d do anything for her. All I have to say to that is did he try making her breakfast for her every day or wash the dishes for her or do the shopping for her or change the channel for her?

If you’re interested, below is the video of the song ‘Grenade’